Management Training



Why Choose Uncomplicating Management?

Uncomplicating Management provides you and your management team with the knowledge and skills to confidently confront your most difficult workforce problems. Managing is hard – but managing people does not have to be a struggle or complicated.

 Imagine what it would be like to experience:

  • Productivity that trends upward
  • Workers who are motivated and engaged
  • Employees who perform at an exceptional level
  • Candidates that want to work for you and your organization
  • Communication that is open and honest
  • Employees who get along

If this does not describe your experience, why not?

Your managers cannot afford to be making bad hires, focusing on problem employees and tolerating poor performance.

Key Outcomes from Our Training

Uncomplicating Management will not bog you down with the latest management fads and gimmicks. Managing people is serious business and you have no time for sideshows.

By participating, you can expect to:

  • Enhance your skills as a manager
  • Increase your ability to motivate and engage your people to deliver outstanding results
  • Attract, hire and retain exceptional talent
  • Delegate and make better decisions
  • Inspire, coach and mentor your people, creating enthusiasm, clarity and increased effectiveness
  • Listen and communicate better resulting in open and honest dialogue
  • Confront problem employees and resolve tough issues, including attitude, performance and behavior
  • Provide honest feedback, praise and recognition
  • Understand and operate within the law, without fear of lawsuits

Program Overview

Uncomplicating Management teaches attendees how to excite their star performers, increase the level of performance, resolve tough challenges, and make managing easy. It is the foundation of great management, a passionate workforce, a healthy culture, and organizational success.

 Some of the topics that can be included in your program:

  • Techniques to making managing easy
  • Blueprint for becoming a real leader
  • Techniques to make great hires every time
  • Methods to evaluate, develop and coach people to success
  • Knowledge to operate within the law
  • Techniques to successfully deal with the most difficult employees
  • Confidence to confront attitudinal, behavioral or performance issues
  • Strategies to raise the performance bar
  • Methods to improve the quality of communication

Our program is experiential, so attendees will learn by doing, experiencing and interacting -and having fun learning.

Improve your organization’s performance by uncomplicating the art of managing.

Unlike most management development programs, Uncomplicating Management will provide you with:

  • A customized program that meets your specific needs
  • Expert tips and ideas for success in managing
  • Straightforward means to lead your workforce
  • Practical, easy to understand ideas, illustrated by real life examples
  • Critical knowledge and skills so that you can eliminate the fear of managing

Training Materials

Each attendee will receive a copy of Dacri’s book Uncomplicating Management and a training booklet that can be used during the program and back at the worksite.

Rick Dacri will lead your training

  • Founder & President of Dacri & Associates
  • Brings over 25 years of experience in senior management, organizational development and human resources, all in one package
  • Consults to a wide variety of industries, from the Fortune 500 to municipalities, to not-for-profits
  • Advisor and coach to executives and managers
  • Author of the book “Uncomplicating Management”
  • Recognized national trainer and speaker

Call for more information:
Dacri & Associates, LLC



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