Six Steps to Recruiting a Great Police or Fire Chief

TownandCity(This article, written by Rick Dacri, was published New Hampshire Town And City, May/June, 2016 edition)

Police and fire departments help form the fabric of your city or town. From the sounds of the sirens, to the classic blue uniforms, the fire trucks leading the Memorial Day parade, or our first responders’ bravery and strength on the front lines of a tragedy, police and fire represent your municipality’s values, beliefs, and community culture. So, when police or fire leadership must change, a tired recruitment approach and an outdated job description are insufficient to fill such an important role.

Too many personnel searches fail before the recruitment process even begins. In some cases, town managers, eager to quickly fill an opening, begin the process unprepared, without fully thinking through their needs.

Successful recruitment includes six essential elements for hiring the right police or fire chief for your municipality: Continue reading


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Vice President, Human Resources Position Open

carroll-logo-642x152Vice President, Human Resources

Carroll Enterprises, Inc.

Carroll Enterprises,headquartered in downtown Worcester, MA, with over 250 employees in multi-state locations, seeks a strong leader to serve as their new Vice President Human Resources. This is an ideal position for a Director of Human Resources or an Assistant VP who is ready to move to a VP-level position.

Since 1968, Carroll Enterprises, Inc. has met the specialized needs of insurance buyers and major corporations in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.  Carroll Enterprises is an entrepreneurial, technology intensive, marketing distribution and services company, serving the retail, wholesale and institutional marketplaces in the insurance and financial services industries.  

Reporting to the CEO, with full responsibility for all aspects of the HR function, the VPHR will be part of the executive committee and will manage a staff of five HR professionals. The ideal candidate will have strong HR generalist skills, demonstrated skills in managing a strategic HR function, and enjoy working as a full business partner in a growing, dynamic organization. You should possess 10 years of progressive HR responsibility, preferably from financial service or technology industry, and have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Working within an organization with a call center is ideal. An outgoing, confident, hands-on professional, who is not afraid to make decisions, will thrive in this entrepreneurial environment.

Carroll Enterprises is facing unique challenges in an industry steeped in tradition, while moving to a culture that embraces technology and ecommerce. Carroll needs an individual who can hit the ground running, operate effectively with a highly diverse workforce, and actively contributing to the senior management team.

The next VPHR will enjoy the opportunity to work in a vibrant community, with a supportive management team and staff as well as an experienced and engaged workforce. Carroll Enterprises is a recognized leader and takes pride in being a premier employer and a respected community member.

Located in the heart of Massachusetts, the city of Worcester combines historic New England charm with the conveniences and lively attractions of a bustling metropolis, that includes 10 colleges and universities, world-class medical facilities, a convention center, vibrant arts and other cultural venues, museums, college and professional sports teams, golf courses and many new dining options. For those looking for things to do while escaping traffic and parking problems, Worcester is the place to grow your career.

Carroll Enterprises offers an attractive salary and comprehensive benefit package along with the opportunity to grow your career. To learn more about this position, call Rick Dacri, Dacri & Associates Executive Search, at 207-229-5954 or

To apply, email your resume, cover letter and salary history, in confidence, to:

Rick Dacri

Dacri & Associates, LLC

Executive Search



Carroll Enterprises is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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Workers’ Comp: What’s My “Mod”?

images(Post by Rick Dacri, April 14, 2016)

When discussing your workers’ compensation premiums, you’ll often hear about the importance of reducing your “mod.” But what is a mod? Your “mod” is your Experience Modification Rating. It is the number used by your insurance company to gauge both the past cost of injuries and the future chance of your risk of additional injuries. The lower the mod, the lower your workers’ comp premiums.

Here is a quick way of looking at it. Ask your insurance carrier what your mod is. If your experience mod is 1.00, you’re doing OK. If it is less than 1.00, that’s great and obviously desirable You’re saving money and running a safe operation. If it is greater than 1.00, you’ve got work to do, as this is costing you.

As an example, if your mod is .90, than you are 10% below your industry standard. If you are at 1.10, you are 10% above the industry standard. In the former case, your premiums will begin to drop. In the latter, you will find you are in a “penalty phase” in you rates will go up.

If you don’t know what your current experience modification rating is, contact your insurance carrier to find out.  If you need help reducing it, call me.

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How To Quickly Cut Your Workers’ Comp Costs & Get Injured Employees Back to Work


This program has been postponed

Wednesday, April 20
60 minute webinar
Register Today via email at or call


This webinar is ideal for:

  • CEOs & Finance Managers who want to reduce costs
  • HR & Benefit Managers who want to understand how workers’ comp works
  • Managers & Supervisors who want to reduce accidents & get injured workers back to work

Here’s what you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • How to control workers’ comp costs
  • How to get your experience modification below 1
  • How to spot & prevent fraud
  • How to get injured employees back to work quickly
  • How to manage a light duty program effectively
  • How to manage claims
  • How to analyze an accident
  • How to develop a positive working relationship with your medical provider & insurer
  • How to easily understand the intricacies of workers’ comp

This webinar will provide you with the information and advice you need to develop a pre and post injury response program so you can have a safe workplace and low workers’ comp costs.

Once again, to enroll, email me at or call 207-229-5954

Cost? $125.00. Not a bad investment for learning how to save a bundle while creating a safer workplace. And Dacri & Associates’ clients receive an automatic 10% discount.

Sign up now.

I hope to see you there,

Rick Dacri
Dacri & Associates, LLC

P.S. We will be recording the entire program (audio and visual). Your admission gives you access to the recording for easy reviewing after the fact.

Register Now via email at or call 207-229-5954.

Feedback from Previous Webinar Attendees:
It was excellent, clear, easy to understand and follow; applicable in many areas and overall very interesting. Thank you
EXCELLENT as Rick Dacri always is!
This was incredibly informative and I would love to attend more!
The program is great because it triggers you to look into areas of the organization that need improvement.
Thank you, Rick. Well paced and informative.
Nice work Rick! Enjoyed the presentations.
Great information to have for managing a business. You are a great resource for questions.
Great tips and information.
As always, a wonderful Rick Dacri presentation – just the right amount of information and appropriate stories to illustrate the point.
For an hours time the information covered was very valuable.
The content was incredibly helpful. Found the content on hiring right, training managers to interview well and addressing problematic performance important and useful.
It is good to have a better understanding of the HR side of the business and how to avoid potential problems

Register Now via email at or call 207-229-5954

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Workplace Drug Abuse Warning Signs

cocaine(Post written by Rick Dacri, April 4, 2016)

Recently I received a call from one of my utility clients who was positive that his operator was high on cocaine. Seems the employee had been missing work and today he came to work appearing a bit agitated and quite talkative and his pupils were dilated. My client had heard he did drugs and with his recent absences and rumors that he was a druggie, he called me asking if it was ok to fire him.

While the employee might have been on drugs, clinical diagnosis of a drug problem is not the job of the manager. The manager’s job is to assess performance. If the employee was performing erratically, posing a potential danger to himself or others, then the manager has a responsibility to step in; but never to diagnose. Managers are not qualified to do this and acting on rumor or evaluating behavior based on what you may have read on the Internet is asking for trouble. Stick to performance. A key part of every manager’s job is to remain alert to changes in an employee’s performance and to work with the employee who is having problems so that performance improves.

Substance abuse in the workplace is very costly. It’s been estimated that substance abuse costs employers more than $50 billion annually and alcohol and drug abusers are far less productive, use three times as many sick days, and are more than three times as likely to have an accident on the job and five times as likely to file workers’ compensation claims.

While one should never diagnose, managers should be mindful of the warning signs that an employee may be getting into trouble. Watch for these:

  1. Inconsistent work quality
  2. Poor concentration
  3. Lowered productivity
  4. Increased absenteeism
  5. Unexplained disappearances from the jobsite
  6. Carelessness, mistakes
  7. Errors in judgment
  8. Needless risk-taking
  9. Disregard for safety
  10. Extended lunch periods and early departures
  11. Complaints about problems at home
  12. Deterioration in personal appearance
  13. Complaints and excuses of vaguely-defined illnesses
  14. Frequent financial problems
  15. Avoidance of friends and colleagues
  16. Blaming others for own problems and shortcomings

When an employee begins to exhibit these, it is time for the manager to take immediate action. In my upcoming webinar series (How to Deal with Substance Abuse in the Workplace) I will be addressing, in detail, the warning signs, how to handle an impaired employee, the law around medical marijuana, DOT requirements, signs that an employee is under the influence and more.

For more info, click How to Deal with Substance Abuse in the Workplace or email me at

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How To Lose Your Next Unemployment Comp Claim

(This post was written by Rick Dacri, April 1, 2016)

face-extreme-1554895There is nothing more frustrating than losing an unemployment compensation claim when you know the employee should not be eligible to collect. Too often, I find supervisors pulling out their hair out and lashing out at the system. How could they let this “bad employee” collect?

Generally, there are 4 disqualifying events for employees:

  1. Fired for misconduct (not performance);
  2. Voluntary quit without good cause attributed to the employment;
  3. Not available or unable to work full-time; and
  4. Not citizen or authorized to work

If any of these events are present, the employee cannot collect unemployment. Now there are nuances and interpretations, but if one of these applies, their claim will be denied.

While the system is not without faults, many times, mistakes are made by employers and ultimately costing them at the hearing. Here are 10 ways that will guarantee you a loss: Continue reading

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When Competitive Pay is Not Enough


images(Post written by Rick Dacri, March 28, 2016)

There are times when paying competitive wages is not enough. The General Manager of a public power utility called me recently. He was having difficulty in both recruiting and retaining electrical engineers and experienced line workers. The feedback he was receiving was that his pay program was out of line with other electrical utilities. I was ultimately engaged to conduct a market analysis of their wages. The results were startling to him and his board—their wages were competitive with other public utilities within their market. How could this be? They found this incredulous.

A new reality has entered the marketplace. In some situations, paying the market rate is insufficient. The unemployment rate is plummeting. It is Continue reading

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