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Affordable Care Act: What Employers Need To Know

(Post was written by James McCarthy, Mainebiz)

Rick Dacri, owner of a Kennebunkport-based consulting firm that advises businesses on work force issues, says his client list ranges from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits employing fewer than 10 people. Whatever their size, he says, health care benefits and their costs have long been a front-burner issue for Maine employers.

Yet, when asked about the 5–4 Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act, Dacri carefully sidesteps the political controversy that preceded the June 28 ruling and continues in its aftermath. He prefers to focus more on the practical steps employers need to take now that the law has been ruled constitutional.

“I don’t think it’s as big a deal as is being portrayed,” Dacri says, noting that most of his Maine clients, even the smaller companies, already provide health insurance to their employees. For them, he says, it’s an essential way to attract and keep quality employees. Continue reading



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Affordable Care Act: What HR Managers Need To Know

(Post written by James McCarthy, Mainebiz)

Kristine Avery, senior vice president of human resources at FISC Solutions in Lewiston, has four words of advice for HR managers now that the ACA has withstood its legal challenge: “Get informed, get educated.”

Avery, certified as a senior professional in human resources, quickly adds that there are plenty of resources available, including the Maine affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management, which she leads as state director.

While acknowledging the complicated mix of legal and political questions to be evaluated, Avery says there are some ACA highlights that HR managers should know now. Continue reading

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