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Succession Planning: Refilling the Pipelines (Webinar)

This webinar, titled Succession Planning: Refilling the Pipeline was designed by Rick Dacri and delivered on December 10, 2013. Click Succession Planning to hear the webinar recording.

This webinar  provided the business case for having a succession plan and outlined the critical elements of such a plan. Our workforce is graying. Organizations must be prepared if and when key employees suddenly exit the workforce due to retirement, death or resignation. Business owners/CEOs must lead their organization in designing, implementing and managing an organization wide succession and knowledge retention plan. This should be an essential piece in the organization’s business plan and is fundamental to the long-term viability of all successful organizations. Good succession plans focus on developing their employees and ensuring that the organization always has the people in place to operate the business. This webinar was designed for CEOs, Executives, Business Owners, and HR Professionals.

Some of the topics covered:

  1. Understanding why all companies, regardless of size, should have a plan in place
  2. Knowing how to develop a successful succession plan & emergency preparedness plan
  3. Ensuring that qualified employees are ready when key vacancies occur in their organization
  4. Preventing the loss of valuable knowledge from walking out the door
  5. Developing key staff so that they have the skills to do the job today and tomorrow
  6. Recruiting staff that can contribute today and who also have future potential

To hear the webinar, click Succession Planning.

To learn more, contact Rick Dacri at Dacri & Associates, LLC



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 Less than half of U.S. companies have in place a CEO succession plan. For a variety of reasons, companies large and small, have failed to take the necessary steps to prepare for the possibility that their CEO could suddenly retire, quit, or die. Many report that if any of these occur, they’ll simply recruit a replacement- – a process that will likely take several months and could leave the organization in chaos as it scrambles to address the crisis. Organizations put themselves at risk when they fail to put in place a plan.

There is another scenario that more and more organizations are beginning to address: emergency CEO succession if the CEO is unexpectedly incapable of doing his or her job. What would you do if your CEO was stricken and unable to work for one month, three months or longer? Who will take over and is she prepared to do so? What kind of interim leader will your organization need to lead you through the crisis?

It is important for executives and boards of directors to discuss not only who will take over in an emergency, but to also examine their criteria for this important choice. It is also much easier if you’ve discussed this issue and developed a plan before a crisis occurs.

I am currently developing such a plan for a large not-for-profit. Call if you have any questions or if you need assistance in developing your plan.

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