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5 Frequent and Costly Hiring Mistakes

internet_recruitment_job_interview_362210302(This article, written by Rick Dacri, was published in the October JobsInTheUS newsletter)

When recruiting, finding the right candidate is always difficult. What makes it harder, are simple and costly mistakes. Here are five frequent faux pas:

1. Looking and Not Knowing

Managers often start the search process without fully understanding what they are looking for in a new hire. Simply replicating the person who previously held the position or blindly following a job description is not sufficient. Circumstances and needs change. Profile your ideal candidate. Factor in what you need today and tomorrow. Understand who will be successful and who will not. Beyond education, training and experience, consider traits and fit.

2. Searching and Not Attracting

Posting a job on a job board or internet site will generate an avalanche of resumes, but will not necessarily land you the ideal candidate. In fact, this approach could eliminate many potentially good candidates who are not actively looking and may not be aware of your search for a new candidate.

Don’t forget about the candidates who are currently working and not looking. With the development of a strong recruitment brand, candidates, active and passive, who share your beliefs and values, will be attracted to your company like a magnet. Rather than you looking for them, they will be seeking you out.

3. Selling and Not Buying

In the job interview, managers are often too quick to sell the job, company and benefits before they know what they are buying. Stop talking. Ask questions, listen and evaluate. See if they are the correct fit  for the job and your company. Once you know you have the right candidate, then you can begin the sell. If the candidate is wrong, there is no need to waste your time or theirs. Thank them and send them off.

4. Giving and Not Negotiating

When it comes time for the offer, owners too often have a one size fits all job offer in their pocket. Candidates expect to negotiate, whether it’s about pay, benefits or time off. Be prepared for the give and take of a real negotiation to ensure getting a “yes” to your offer.

5. Accepting and Not Verifying

“Trust, but verify” should be practiced in all recruitment initiatives. Too often, managers accept what’s on a resume or what a candidate says as fact. Thorough, probing reference and background checks are an essential part of all job searches.

By avoiding these miscues, you are better positioned to land the best candidate for the job.

Need help with developing an effective recruitment program? Contact Dacri & Associates.


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Offering Health Insurance: Is It Worth It?

(Post written by Rick Dacri on October 16, 2013)

Just taped a radio show on the Affordable Care Act. One of the other guests was a small employer. He is grappling with the issue of whether to offer his new employees health insurance or not because he is concerned with the cost and whether that cost will increase to an unaffordable rate next year. These candidates are saying they cannot accept the job without health insurance.

This is the classic dilemma faced by many employers. From a strategy standpoint, employers must balance costs against the ability to attract and retain good employees. He can keep his costs down by not offering insurance, but lose good employees, or he can potentially increase his costs by hiring and retaining quality employees.

While there are many nuances to this issue, all employers are faced with this balance—whether it is with health insurance or any benefit, or wages, or frankly the cost of materials.

With employees, hiring and retaining stars is critical. Productivity increases, customer service improves and profits usually follow. For this business owner, he needs to decide if that’s worth it by offering health insurance.

What would you do? Let us know in the comment section.

To learn how Rick Dacri can advise you, click Dacri & Associates.

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Recruitment: How To Hire Star Performers (Free Webinar)

hiringBased on the success of my initial two webinars last month, Rick Dacri is offering a third complimentary webinar on Hiring Star Performers Every Time. It is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22 at Noon, EDT and you can register by clicking Hiring Stars.

Among the topics covered in this webinar:

  • Understanding what it takes to make a great hire
  • Developing a positive recruitment brand
  • 7 musts needed to improve your overall recruitment program
  • Hiring solid candidates every time
  • Interviewing so you know what you’re getting
  • Getting a “yes” with every job offer
  • Getting meaningful references

To enroll, click Hiring Stars

 Here’s some feedback from previous webinar attendees:

  • It was excellent, clear, easy to understand and follow, applicable in many areas and overall very interesting. Thank you
  • EXCELLENT as Rick Dacri always is!
  • This was incredibly informative and I would love to attend more!
  • The program is great because it triggers you to look into areas of the organization that need improvement.
  • Thank you, Rick. Well paced and informative.
  • Nice work Rick! Enjoyed the presentations.
  • Great information to have for managing a business. You are a great resource for questions.
  • Overall, a good basic refresher. Well organized.
  • Great tips and information.
  • As always, a wonderful Rick Dacri presentation – just the right amount of information and appropriate stories to illustrate the point.
  • For an hours time the information covered was very valuable.
  • The content of both seminars was incredibly helpful. Found the content on hiring right, training managers to interview well and addressing problematic performance important and useful.
  • It is good to have a better understanding of the HR side of the business and how to avoid potential problems

The most important responsibility of any manager is to recruit top-notch talent. The success of your organization is dependent upon it. Yet, even in an economy with high unemployment, it remains difficult to find qualified candidates who can make an immediate contribution to your organization.

This webinar will provide you with the information and advice on how to develop a comprehensive recruitment brand and program to ensure that you have a steady stream of great hires—every time.

Again, this webinar is free. However, you must preregister. And you should feel free to notify your professional colleagues and encourage them to enroll. Once again, to enroll click Hiring Stars.

I hope you’ll register now.

P.S. Still have questions? Just send me an email or give Rick Dacri a call (my direct line: 207-967-0837), and I’ll be happy to address and questions or concerns you may have.

To listen to the previous webinar on Legal Pitfalls, click Webinar.

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Making Managing Easy Webinar Series

Making Managing Easy Webinar Series

September 10 and 17 at noon EDT

I am launching a series of free webinars designed to help you make your job easier, improve the performance and productivity of your workforce, and increase the profitability of your organization.  

Managing people effectively is a major challenge for every manager. In these manager level webinars, you will learn how to address 10 critical performance and compliance issues faced by nearly all managers—giving you the confidence and knowledge to immediately apply these new skills.

Among the topics covered in these two webinars

September 10 at noon EDT

  1. How to improve individual performance
  2. How to discipline & terminate, if necessary
  3. How to win an unemployment compensation claim
  4. How to avoid pay and classification mistakes (exempt/nonexempt, independent contractors)

September 17 at noon EDT

  1. How to hire right
  2. How to control and reduce workers’ compensation costs
  3. How to deal with alcohol & drugs in the workplace
  4. How to prevent FMLA abuse

Both webinars will be fast paced, filled with specific examples and participants will have the opportunity to forward specific questions, which will be answered in the sessions.


Both of these initial webinars are complimentary. However, you must preregister, as seating will be limited. At the same time, I encourage you to notify your professional colleagues and encourage them to enroll.

I will also record the program so you can refer to it easily after the fact.

To enroll or get further information, click Dacri Webinars

Webinars are a great way to learn and provide these benefits:

  1. No travel expense
  2. Bo time away from the office
  3. Economical training (these two are free)
  4. Access to a workforce expert
  5. Multiple managers can listen in

These are live events, intended to feel as close to a group workshop as possible, the only difference being attendees are located in their offices, instead of in the same room. All you need to participate is a computer and telephone.

Added bonus:

If you’re wondering if there are bonus materials available that can make attending worthwhile, you’re in luck. For starters, the program is free. Secondly, if you’re one of the first 5 to sign up will, I’ll send you a copy of my book Uncomplicating Management. Want more? OK, I’ll also give you a copy of the slides for future reference.

I hope you’ll register now.


Rick Dacri, Dacri & Associates, LLC

P.S. Still have questions? Just send me an email at rick@dacri.com or give me a call (my direct line: 207-967-0837), and I’ll be happy to address and questions or concerns you may have.



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Compliance: 6 Problem Areas For Employers

Posted by Rick Dacri on May 30, 2013

lawsuitThe last thing an employer needs is a lawsuit. Yet, when it comes to employment law, it is easy to find yourself in a difficult situation, which has trouble written all over it. Here are 6 areas where mistakes are often made by unprepared managers resulting in a messy and costly suit:

  1. Hiring Process: it all begins here. Asking inappropriate interview questions, making a badly chosen, but seemingly “harmless” comment that discriminates, giving an insensitive reason for rejecting a candidate, or simply making bad hire will land you in big trouble. Train all interviewers in proper interviewing techniques and hiring procedures.
  2. Negligent hiring and retention: when you know things about a candidate or employee, such as their having violent behavior or a dangerous driving record and you still hire or retain them and then they commit a similar infraction (ex. strike an employee or get into an accident driving a company car), you may be facing a lawsuit. Check references before making a hire decision. Address performance problems immediately.
  3. Discrimination in employment: Intentional or even unintentional acts of discrimination will get you into trouble. Audit your polices, procedures, pay policies, hiring, promotion and training practices to make sure all your management systems compliant. Train you managers.
  4. Discipline process: There’s nothing that will motivate an employee to call an attorney faster than a supervisor botching a disciplinary meeting. Be consistent in applying your policies, train your managers in having difficult conversations, and review all situations with upper management before meeting with the employee.
  5. Evaluation process: Giving a positive evaluation to a poor performer may help you avoid an uncomfortable appraisal interview, but rest assured, it is a recipe for disaster if you ever have to terminate that employee for performance. Give honest appraisals and train your manager on how to give appraisals.
  6. Firing process: There is no easy way to fire someone. When not done respectfully, employees nearly always want to strike back and a lawsuit is a great way to get even.  Again, review all cases before approving a termination. Make sure the manager understands what needs to be done and how to do it. Include a second manager in the process to serve as a witness and to lend support.

Minimize the risks of employee lawsuits by implementing the recommendations outlined about. Managing is hard enough without adding a lawsuit. If you need assistance, give me a call for help.

You may also like to read:

EEOC Reports Nearly 100,000 job Discrimination Charges

Reference Checking: 5 Tips to Get Great References

2012 Checklist for People Management

Are there other areas to avoid beyond these 6? Let us know in the comment section.


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Make Managing Easy (Short Video)

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Protection Against Fraud: Advice On Guarding the Public Purse

(This article appeared in Maine Townsman, October 2012 and was written
by Douglas Rooks)

The headlines can be unsettling. A town treasurer, clerk or tax collector is suspected of stealing money from municipal accounts. The offense may have happened over many years. It may have been in a small town with few employees, or one where several different people handle money daily.

Whenever it happens, it sends shock waves through the municipal community. As Kennebunk Town Manager Barry Tibbetts puts it: “If one person fails, the whole organization takes a hit. And if one town fails, it reflects on the entire municipality community.”

Prosecutions for fraud and misappropriation of funds are uncommon in Maine, but they do happen. Businesses can be victimized but in recent years there have been cases involving Little Leagues, Boy Scouts, snowmobile clubs and other non-profits. No organization seems immune.

Still, there’s an added sting when a municipal official or employee is involved. “We don’t own this money,” said Tibbetts. “We’ve been entrusted with it by the people, and it’s our job to keep it 100 percent safe.”

Ron Smith is an auditor whose firm, RHR Smith & Co. of Buxton, does the books for many Maine towns and counties. He’s also an expert on forensic audits and has worked with law enforcement agencies on investigations involving Maine municipalities. Continue reading

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