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Municipalities: The Magnet That Draws Candidates to You Creating a Positive Recruitment Brand



(This article was written by Rick Dacri and published in the March 2016 MTCMA Newsletter)

Why is it that some towns have a steady stream of quality individuals who want to work for them? In large part, these towns have created and fostered a positive brand. When communities find it impossible to fill open positions or get volunteers to step forward, it is likely a result of having a negative brand.

So what is a recruitment brand? Quite simply, it is the magnet that draws candidates to you. It’s the message you convey about what it is like to work for your town. Every organization has a brand, whether you know it or not. You communicate it every day to and through your employees, the actions you and they take or don’t take, the words spoken or the silence delivered, and even through your physical appearance. Your brand is communicated through your values, beliefs, and your core mission and ideally, from a recruitment standpoint, your brand sends a strong and loud message out to the community that “you’re a great place to work.” Continue reading


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7 Ways to Measure Your Recruitment Brand

Unknown(Post by Rick Dacri, November 5, 2015)

I recently spoke at a conference on the topic of Recruitment Strategies. I spent considerable time on showing the participants how to develop a recruitment brand for their company. After the session, one of the executives in the session asked how do you measure the effectiveness of your brand. He noted, correctly, that all good management practices must be measurable.

As I had explained to the group, the purpose of a recruitment brand was to attract quality candidates to your company from a target group –those individuals who share the values of your company and who come from your industry segment. For example, LL Bean is likely to attract applicants who enjoy all things outdoors (skiing, fishing, hiking, hunting—you get the picture).

To attract the right candidates to your company, there must be three things in place: 1) awareness, 2) differentiation and 3) recognition that you are a good place to work. Without awareness, you’ll be a well-kept secret, so measuring applicant flow is critical. Potential candidates will compare you to other companies. There must be something positive about you that distinguish you from others. Part of the differentiation is demonstrating that you’re among the best places to work—and here is where your employees can be the best recruitment ambassadors.

So how do you measure this? Here are 7 ways:

  1. Applicant flow: look at the quality, quantity and diversity of your labor pool, applicants and hires.
  2. Conversion rate: measure the number of applicants that accept your job offer.
  3. Cost and time to hire: are your cost per hire and time to hire increasing or decreasing?
  4. Existing employees: are your employee engagement surveys tracking positive or negative? Is retention up or down?
  5. Performance: which way are existing employee performance and productivity tracking?
  6. Referrals: are your current employees and even your customers referring applicants to you?
  7. (add your method to measure branding below).

These are just some of the ways to measure effectiveness of your brand. There are more that I could have listed.

Measuring the effectiveness of your recruitment brand is an important component of the process. Obviously the most difficult part is understanding and developing your brand. If you are unable to effectively attract, hire and retain quality candidates, then your brand is not working. If you need assistance understanding and developing a recruitment strategy and brand, give me a call. I can help.

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Recruitment: How To Find Great Talent (Radio Interview)

ImageThe economy is growing and employers are once again recruiting. In a fast paced 60 minute radio, I discuss the current state of talent today, the reasons why it is getting so difficult to find great quality talent and how organizations from public utilities, municipalities and more can insure that they build their recruiting brand to maximize their recruiting efforts. Listen to David Ciullo interview me on WLOB’s HR Power Hour. To listen, click HR Power Hour.

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Why Cleavage Should Not Be A Job Requirement

(This article, written by Rick Dacri, was originally published in the York County Coast Star on May 22, 2014)

You can only make one first impression, so you want to make it a good one. You’ve heard this a million times. Yet, so many companies ignore this advice. In this competitive world, the impression we convey can either open or close a door.

We form quick opinions about people we meet. Same for a company. Walking into their facility, meeting their employees, reading their annual report or reviewing their website—all convey a certain message about them. Most recently I learned a lot about a company through a recruitment ad they placed on Craigslist seeking an assistant to the president called a “Director of First Impressions.” Yes, that’s the real position title.

A little background: One of my clients spotted this company’s ad and forwarded it to me seeking my first impression. Well, I formed one quickly and it wasn’t all that good. This small, but busy office, was seeking “a mature, think outside the box, open minded, assistant to the president.” So far so good–this should draw people I thought. The ad went on to state they wanted someone who “wants to prove themselves, make themselves invaluable, and if selected, retire from here in 30 years!” While I applaud their desire for a stable person who isn’t into job hopping, I would advise they be careful with their wording. “Retire from here in 30 years” could be code for “we want someone young” and that would be discriminatory. It gets worse. In describing their ideal candidate, they noted that they wanted someone with a sense of humor because “we are definitely not always politically correct.” Well, OK, but what does that mean? Here it comes: “the successful candidate should be aware that naughty words are spoken frequently and it is a male dominated culture…think cleavage.” What? Did they really mean to put that in writing? What kind of impression do they expect their Director of First Impressions to present? Is a certain dress expected? Are they suggesting only women should apply? Continue reading

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Hiring Only The Best (Webinar)

hiringThis webinar, titled Hiring Only The Best, was designed and presented by Rick Dacri on October 22, 2013. 

Click Hiring the Best to listen in. There is a one minute lead in where you will not hear anything.

The webinar covers the following:

  1. Understanding what it takes to make a great hire
  2. Developing a positive recruitment brand
  3. 7 musts needed to improve your overall recruitment program
  4. Hiring solid candidates every time
  5. Interviewing so you know what you’re getting
  6. Getting a “yes” with every job offer
  7. Getting meaningful references

This webinar will last about 55 minutes, including the one minute of silence in the lead in.

Click here to listen.

If you want to learn more about developing a recruitment program, contact Rick Dacri.

If you like this webinar, you may want to listen to Avoiding Legal Pitfalls.

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Recruitment: How To Hire Star Performers (Free Webinar)

hiringBased on the success of my initial two webinars last month, Rick Dacri is offering a third complimentary webinar on Hiring Star Performers Every Time. It is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22 at Noon, EDT and you can register by clicking Hiring Stars.

Among the topics covered in this webinar:

  • Understanding what it takes to make a great hire
  • Developing a positive recruitment brand
  • 7 musts needed to improve your overall recruitment program
  • Hiring solid candidates every time
  • Interviewing so you know what you’re getting
  • Getting a “yes” with every job offer
  • Getting meaningful references

To enroll, click Hiring Stars

 Here’s some feedback from previous webinar attendees:

  • It was excellent, clear, easy to understand and follow, applicable in many areas and overall very interesting. Thank you
  • EXCELLENT as Rick Dacri always is!
  • This was incredibly informative and I would love to attend more!
  • The program is great because it triggers you to look into areas of the organization that need improvement.
  • Thank you, Rick. Well paced and informative.
  • Nice work Rick! Enjoyed the presentations.
  • Great information to have for managing a business. You are a great resource for questions.
  • Overall, a good basic refresher. Well organized.
  • Great tips and information.
  • As always, a wonderful Rick Dacri presentation – just the right amount of information and appropriate stories to illustrate the point.
  • For an hours time the information covered was very valuable.
  • The content of both seminars was incredibly helpful. Found the content on hiring right, training managers to interview well and addressing problematic performance important and useful.
  • It is good to have a better understanding of the HR side of the business and how to avoid potential problems

The most important responsibility of any manager is to recruit top-notch talent. The success of your organization is dependent upon it. Yet, even in an economy with high unemployment, it remains difficult to find qualified candidates who can make an immediate contribution to your organization.

This webinar will provide you with the information and advice on how to develop a comprehensive recruitment brand and program to ensure that you have a steady stream of great hires—every time.

Again, this webinar is free. However, you must preregister. And you should feel free to notify your professional colleagues and encourage them to enroll. Once again, to enroll click Hiring Stars.

I hope you’ll register now.

P.S. Still have questions? Just send me an email or give Rick Dacri a call (my direct line: 207-967-0837), and I’ll be happy to address and questions or concerns you may have.

To listen to the previous webinar on Legal Pitfalls, click Webinar.

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Fall Means Final End of Year Check-Up On Your Business

images(Posted by Rick Dacri on August 28, 2013)

The summer is nearly over and now it’s time to look forward to the fall. I wanted to check in with you and suggest a check-up on your operation. The economy continues to heat up and there’s a lot happening, so I wanted to take a moment to provide you a brief list of important items you should be focusing on to help you make managing your business a bit easier:

1. Turnover is Increasing: With an improving market, there is strong evidence that employees are feeling more confident and many, particularly coveted star performers, are beginning to look to make job changes. That’s not good for you.

Advice: Make sure your managers and supervisors are focused on employee retention. Implement a progressive retention program and initiate an annual employee satisfaction survey to take a pulse of your organization.

2. ACA Deadlines: Deadlines for the Affordable Care Act are upon us.  


My Advice: Make sure your plan meets all the new requirements and plan to provide employee education programs. You may also want to change your new enrollments dates and your benefit eligibility requirements. Update your classifications for full-time and part-time employees and evaluate whether it makes sense to restructure your staffing to address “pay or play” thresholds.

3. Evaluate Your Hiring: As the economy expands, you may find the need to add staff. With an improving economy, finding good people is proving more difficult.

My Advice: Continue reading

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