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How To Handle Employee’s Fighting & Arguing

images(Post by Rick Dacri, March 1, 2016)

Last week, the CEO of a small manufacturing firm called me. He had just broken up a fist fight between two workers.

After he and his supervisor broke up the brawl, he sent them both home and called me. He was pretty shook up. He felt he knew what to do but wanted to be sure and frankly, I think he just needed to talk to someone who could be objective and unemotional. Turns out the guy who threw the first punch were a good employee; the other wasn’t. Both ended up losing their jobs.

Fighting in the workplace can never be tolerated and if it should ever occur, management must take action FAST. Whether it’s a verbal altercation or if fists are flying, either are forms of workplace violence.

Mangers and supervisors should immediately do the following six things: Continue reading



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Harassment Prevention Training: What Must Be Included

If you’re truly serious about a harassment prevention program, which must include training of your managers and workforce, then get rid of those old video-based programs and move to conducting an interactive program, facilitated by an expert trainer who can answer employee questions and who can emphasize your company’s commitment to a harassment free workplace.
Your harassment prevention program should provide your managers and supervisors’ awareness of the issue, clarity in what the company expects of them, understanding of their obligations under the law, and the critical skills necessary to address any issues they confront in the workplace. By training your management staff, you will demonstrate your commitment to a harassment free workplace-a critical piece in defending the organization against any potential harassment claim.  
Your employee program, similar to the management session, should promote a respectful environment and foster awareness of the issues, clarify what the company expects of them, and provide employees the critical skills necessary to address any behaviors directed at them or towards a fellow employee. To learn more about harassment prevention programs, contact me.

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