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Culture Trumps Everything

(Posted by Rick Dacri, June 2, 2014)108

Walk into a Whole Foods, order shoes through Zappos, or spend a night at the Ritz and you’ll quickly see the value of a positive workplace culture. Whether its Zappos emphasis on delivering “WOW” through service (ask my wife), or Whole Foods’ friendly, smiling clerks (I love shopping there), and I can’t even describe the joy in staying at the Ritz–the emphasis on taking care of the customer is ingrained into the fabric of each company and embodied in its workforce.

Culture is not a squishy concepts best left to human resources. No, its the essence of a company, its personality. Culture is made up of a company’s core values, beliefs, goals, and traditions. It’s who they are and how leaders form and shape it determines whether the company will flourish or wither on the vine.

L.L. Bean hires employees who are Continue reading

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Pay Your Employees To Quit

istock_000007867680xsmall(This post was written by Rick Dacri, May 1, 2014)

What would happen if you offered your employees $5,000 to quit their jobs? Would they go?

Amazon adopted a “Pay to Quit” policy designed to “encourage folks to take a moment and think about what they really want to do” according to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. This program is a version of Zappos’ policy (“the Offer”) where the company gives new employees the offer of paying them for the time they have worked plus a $2,000 bonus if the new hire quits. Crazy? Well at Zappos, 97% of the employees given the offer STAY.

Recruiting the best workers, providing a work environment where they can thrive and be productive and then retaining them is the key to successful organizations. On the one hand, you don’t want to retain employees who would rather not work for you. On the other hand, you want to retain your best workers.

Amazon and Zappos have taken the bold steps to clear out employees who would rather be elsewhere-a principle I touted in my book Uncomplicating Management. Zappos has created an environment where people want to stay. Amazon is betting they have one too.

Take a look at your organization. Are you hiring the best? Are your people productive, engaged and happy? Is your retention of your good people high? If you can’t answer affirmatively to these questions, you’ve got some work to do. Amazon and Zappos are betting they have a great place to work. You should too.

Need help recruiting and retaining star employees? Give me a call. I can help.

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Recruitment Brand: The Magnet That Draws Candidates

Every employer dreams of having a steady stream of highly qualified applicants knocking at their door, hoping to be hired–applicants, who are skilled, fully engaged and who mesh with their current employees and fit within their culture. And as idealistic as this sounds, companies with a strong recruitment brand enjoy this benefit. Just ask the folks at Google, Johnson & Johnson and Apple. They understand the value of a strong brand.

So what is a recruitment brand and how can you develop one? A recruitment brand is a message that communicates what it’s like to work at your company. It tells the world who you are and what you believe in—your mission, culture and values.  It’s your way of telling applicants “this is who we are and individuals who believe and think like us are welcome.”

 Whether it’s Zappos that promises to “deliver happiness to the world” or Southwest Airlines’ focus on the “power of relationships to achieve high performance” or J&J’s family friendly environment—a positive recruitment brand attracts candidates who identify with their beliefs and culture.

 With a strong recruitment brand, candidates will seek you out, saving you time and money on recruitment initiatives. But even more importantly, your brand is the glue that holds your current works together, increasing employee retention, engagement, loyalty and productivity.

 Building a brand takes three uncomplicated steps:

  1. Understanding  who you are. To fully understand this, ask yourself and then ask your employees  why do you want to work here? What kinds of people are successful here?  What kind of people fit it? And what kinds of people are not successful  here? Getting the answer to these questions will help you define you   company’s brand. Listen to how your employees respond.
  2. Profile  your ideal candidates. Creating this profile allows you to target, find  and recruit your ideal candidates.
  3. Communicate your message about what it’s like to work at your company. Get your employees to offer their stories. These compelling stories of why people  want to work in your company provide you the insights into who you are and   your recruitment brand.

Communicate your brand consistently and with clarity in all your recruitment pieces. And as your brand evolves, listen to hear how it is echoed by former employees, customers and the public.

A positive recruitment brand will attract your targeted candidates to your company like a magnet, ensuring that you always have a steady stream of candidates drawn to your door.

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